With consistent numbers like these, it might be safe to say that Tri-Cities drivers are the worst in the entire state for winter driving.

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Washington's Worst Winter Drivers Live in the Tri-Cities?

How come every time the winter driving crash numbers are released by the Washington State Patrol, the Tri-Cities has 10 to 20 times more than any other nearby city? Even cities with "similar population" sizes have just a small fraction of winter driving accidents in comparison to numbers that consistently come from Tri-Cities. Honestly, even in the summer months, the Tri-Cities has at least twice the crash numbers of Yakima, the nearest comparable city. Just last week Washington State Patrol Trooper Chris Thorson released the crash numbers for January 10, 2024, when the last storm hit the area. The numbers are as follows: Walla Walla- 1, Tri-Cities: 16, Yakima Valley: 2, Yakima: 2.


Winter Driving Accidents: December 1, 2023

It is strange that if you look back on a post made by Trooper Thorson on December 1, 2023, you will see almost the same numbers for winter driving accidents by area. Yakima has 4 in their area with absolutely none in Walla Walla. Tri-Cities strangely has 16 again. Those numbers are 4 times the rate in Yakima and over 10 times other areas. Trooper Thorson mentions that the cause of the high number of winter crashes in Tri-Cities is because of driving too fast for the roadway conditions. If you watch any time crash numbers are released, the numbers in Tri-Cities are closer to a much larger city like Spokane or Seattle. Spokane has over double the population of Tri-cities, much steeper terrain, and also gets much more snow. On the same day ( December 1, 2023, the Spokane area saw 85 crashes, with most on the steep South Hill. Yes, I get that is over 4 times the crashes in Tri-Cities, but the Tri-Cities didn't get even close to the same amount of snow or have to deal with the hills that Spokane drivers do. Usually, the Tri-Cities gets much less snow but for some reason has nearly as many winter driving crashes. Just imagine how bad it would be if the Tri-Cities area actually had hills or received as much snow. Ya better slow down Tri-Cities, another winter storm is just around the corner!

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