Coming off another Water Follies weekend in the Tri-Cities, where it was a few degrees cooler than in previous years, the niceness will soon disappear.


Wednesday's triple-digit heat returns with the highest temperatures expected on Friday (108 degrees) and Saturday (106 degrees).

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Hopefully, this will be the last of these inferno temps. If your home isn't air-conditioned, there are some places to get instant relief.

Columbia Center Mall

If you've ever thought that mall walking was just for seniors, think again. It may be worth getting up later just to enjoy the cool of the mall. When was the last time you went to the mall and didn't purchase a thing?

A Movie Theatre

Photo by Karen Zhao on Unsplash

We have a few to choose from, including AMC Classic Kennewick 12, Fairchild Cinemas Pasco 12, Queensgate 12, and Southgate 10. What was the last movie you saw in a theatre? Spring for the extra-large popcorn and drink!

The Library

Photo by Ryunosuke Kikuno on Unsplash

We have wonderful libraries as well. There are several branches of Mid-Columbia libraries and the Richland Library is a great venue to visit. You can spend time online or check out a book. When was the last time you spent time with your nose in a book?

The Pool

Photo by Joe Calata on Unsplash

I envy you if you have your own. We have an assortment of pools, too. Make sure to apply sunscreen. There's nothing worse than heat with a sunburn!

Motel/Hotel Room

Photo by Andrew Karn on Unsplash

When all else fails, rent a room, hopefully, one with a pool to escape to. Don't forget to pack your swimsuit. Read on to cool off...

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