It's always a pleasure putting together a list of the most amazing decked out light display spreads across the Tri-Cities.

The biggest attractions this year continue to be John Dam Plaza in Richland; the 500,000 light Senske spread at the Senske headquarters at 400 N. Quay St. in Kennewick; (Mr. Senske's personal residence on S. Buchanan in Kennewick is quite elaborately showcased too, as one might imagine) plus, on a sheer scale, the "Living Nativity" at Hillspring Church 1153 Gage Blvd., through Sunday night, features live animals like cows, goats, camels and charging horses being vigorously ridden to a dramatic halt by Roman soldiers.

You can catch "The Star of Bethlehem" tonight and Sunday night, plus December 29th at the Bechtel National Planetarium at Columbia Basin College. The presentation focuses on how the wise men, or Magi, used the Star of Bethlehem to travel from the east to worship the newborn Messiah.

A must see neighborhood is Kennewick's Christmas Carol Lane where the tradition began in the 1960's, but really got a needed jump start with new ideas and fresh blood in 2016. Almost 85% percent of the 90 homes in the three square block area participate. Hay rides, Christmas caroling and roasted chestnuts begin at 6 p.m. Saturday. The neighborhood is west of Garfield Street. Enter at West 24th Street.

The fence just north of Gage and Leslie across from Round Table Pizza in Richland is a real eye popper too.

And for those die hard light types who must find the hidden cul-de-sac nugget, try these on for size as the list is not an exact science and it's an ever expanding one...


5733 W. 11th Pl. (amazing Los Angeles Rams display)

426 W. 32nd

8640 W. Klamath

209 S. Idaho

2505 S. Garfield

1606 W. 39th Ave


4110 Sahara Drive

4304 Yuma Drive

Subdivisions south of I-182 near Road 100


1619 Mesquite Ct.

Neighborhoods just north of the Uptown Shopping Center


653 N. 58TH


1150 Oak St.

That's a good start. Merry Christmas!

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