Keeping your instrument in tune is key to performing in any band. The Tronical Tune will take care of that and make sure you are always tuned correctly, automatically adjusting the strings of your guitar as you play. You have to see this to believe it!

A video update on Facebook from 'Stray From the Path' showed a quick clip of the Tronical Tune being used and their quote was my thought exactly, "This s**t is insane". I had never seen anything like this before and looked it up to find out more. According to Popular Science's "Best of What's New for 2013":

The Tronical Tune uses an off-the-shelf microprocessor, custom algorithms, and six small motors to create the first affordable self-tuner. The device can retrofit onto almost any guitar without drilling, soldering, or wiring—and once installed, it can tune a guitar in about five seconds.

Perfect for the rockstar on your holiday gift list, the Tronical Tune is available now and will set you back about $350.

Watch renowned music producer Michael Wagener show off the Tronical Tune