The Oregon State Patrol destroyed two police cars and one man suffered severe injuries, after police crashed their patrol cars to stop a high speed pursuit near Pendleton. Reports say the man being held is still in the hospital being treated for his injuries and the case is still under investigation. The chase stared when a trooper tried to stop an older Honda for speeding and the car speed off trying to loose the trooper. The chase continued to rural roads where the troopers applied a spike strip and blew out at least one of the suspects tires.

After loosing a tire, the Accord fled to the Umatilla Indian reservation and dropped off a woman passenger. Then sped off again this time shooting at police while he was driving. That caused troopers to try and end the chase because of safety and they used their patrol cars to push him off the road. One spun him off the road and the other came in and struck him with their car when he tried to run away. One patrol car was flipped on its side but none of the troopers were injured bad thankfully. One trooper sustained a light injury when he was holding onto the spike strip as the suspect drove over it, hurting his hand.