Well, it's out there. The Quarantini Bikini.

A bikini with accompanying face mask, a Trikini.

Who's bold enough to give this a shot?

A bikini that comes equipped with a matching face mask.

I'm ready to give props and accolades to whomever would like to rock this look. This could be the biggest fashion thing in the Tri-Cities since the long ago patented look of wearing completely open jean shorts exposing bikini swimsuit bottoms. I see it every boat race weekend in the Columbia Basin. I see it no where else. Why is that you think?

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Italian designer, Tiziana Scaramuzzo initially designed the "trikini" as a joke, but then after she posted some pictures of her daughter modeling the outfit, queries and curiosity about the potential to buy really began to mount.



The trikini will leave some pretty serious tan lines, so there's that to consider, also, production has been temporarily halted as supply lines to get the materials to create the trikini have crawled to a basic standstill due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On a somewhat related note, "maskne" is a real thing. "Maskne" is acne you get from wearing a face mask and it's apparently affecting a lot more people than I realized.

Dermatologists say you can prevent it by regularly washing your mask and washing your face before and after you wear one.

More on the "maskne" phenomenon here.

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