Keith Moon, the owner of Tumbleweeds in Richland is at it again! He is using social media to help local bars and restaurants. It was a year ago that he made news for creating a social media buzz with "Community over Competition." Each Sunday, using Facebook he would spotlight different small businesses that were in need. This is just one of the many things he has done and is doing for our community. Just yesterday he joined forces with Joel Watson of Just Joel's in Kennewick and challenged other small businesses to come shopping with them. The idea was to meet at Walmart and fill the wish list for "My Friends Place."

The turnout was beautiful! Many friends and small businesses including their little Lincoln, Li'l Firehouse coffee shop, TC Cider House, Spare Time Lanes, Abadan, Branding Iron Nightclub, a few private donations and of course Just Joel's and Tumbleweeds showed up to shop. Together they spent over FOUR THOUSAND dollars and filled the entire wish list for our local teen shelter in need. AWESOME job guys!

If that wasn't enough, on his way home from this shopping trip Keith stopped at a local restaurant and has now created a NEW CHALLENGE! It's the "Tip the Bill" challenge. He posted a picture of his dinner receipt and posted the following:

It’s not to brag, it’s a challenge. The food industry is HARD! We get put through the wringer on a daily basis. I challenge you to join the 100% tip club and tip 100% of your checks total when you go out. You will make a difference! Who’s in?
Thanks for a great dinner Dagupan! #tricitieswa#shoplocal#smallbiz

All of this makes me so proud to live in this wonderful community! Thank you to everyone who came out, helped and donated and thanks to Joel and Keith for ALL you do all the time!

Photo: Joel Watson
Janis Clardy
Joel Watson


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