Tune in to Rockline at 8:30pm tonight as Bob Coburn sits down with So Cal rockers P.O.D. to talk about their new album 'Murdered Love' and what the band has been up to recently.

With their 8th studio album just released last Tuesday, P.O.D. doesn't sound like anyone else, they sound like P.O.D. Their beautiful urban edge and texture create pastoral, spiritual moments that somehow gracefully swell into what hell must sound like. P.O.D. doesn't sound like anyone else because they can sound like whoever they want, whenever they want.

On "Murdered Love" it's as if there are several songs within each individual track. That happens because they're innovative, groundbreaking works of art and this music is as beautiful as dawn on Coronado Beach. There's even a song called beautiful, but it's as dark as the ocean at night, or "the black" as San Diegans refer to the Pacific after twilight. This is a top notch effort from Sonny, Wuv, Traa and the aforementioned Marcos. Enjoy yourself as a song establishes and you slowly wonder how you got from there-to-here. This is a P.O.D. album, make no mistake. but they have grown immeasurably and "Murdered Love" shows the attention to the detail, the creativity, the knowledge and the soul to elicit the same attributes in the listener.

Tune in tonight for San Diego's P.O.D. with their ultra-modern "Murdered Love" on ROCKLINE, lilve on 97 Rock at 8:30pm.

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