Still don’t have a costume for Halloween? You might want to hurry since the big day is less than a week away.

To help out a little, has a bunch of ideas for costumes inspired by TV characters. Some are kinda lame (going as Barney from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ means you’re basically just a dude in a nice suit), but there are some you could have fun with. In addition to ‘The Walking Dead’ (above), here are the five best we found from the list.

‘Glee’s’ Sue Sylvester. Make sure you have a bullhorn too or you just might look like a woman in a tracksuit.

With ‘Park and Recreation’s’ Ron Swanson, it’s all about the mustache. (Luckily a fan-produced Halloween mask is available.)

Howard from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is all about hair too, only on top of the head. Think Pete Rose meets out-of-control Beatle.

To really pull off ‘Jersey Shore’s’ Snooki you have to be the right height, but if you are…

Dexter and his murder victim is the go-to Halloween costume for the discerning couple. Plus, you can choose from plainclothes Miami Metro Dexter, hacking up bodies with blood-splatter helmet Dexter, “stalking his prey” Dexter, etc. Just don’t forget the knife and syringe.

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