This has to be the more bizarre story I've seen all week. I'm not sure what these two knuckleheads were up to but stealing a power pole might be a little obvious to the police especially since you are rolling through town with it.

I normally don't do a post concerning something national but this story was too good to pass up. I still can believe the details of this story.

photo credit: jacksonville police department

Two men were arrested driving around town with a light pole on the top of their Kia Sorento. The arrest happened in Jacksonville Florida and yes we've joked about Floridians before but this story takes the cake!

credit: jacksonville police


According to the tweet and arrest, the pair was caught stealing a JEA pole and driving around town with it.

The Jacksonville Police said the men stated during their arrest that they saw the downed pole and decided to move it because they felt it was a traffic hazard. The officer then responded, "why didn't you just roll the pole out of the road" in which the men had no answer.

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