I have to be honest, I'm not a big fan of UFC. Sorry, it's just not my bag. But what IS my bag is this crazy-amazing interview that Joe Rogan had with Derrick Lewis after the fight. Apparently, Derrick needed to take his shorts off directly following the fight. And when asked about it, he offers a very candid response. He also proceeds to be very candid about a lot of other things, and is sure not to leave out any swear words.

Now the language is edited, but maybe put your headphones on just in case. It's not unsafe for work, but maybe not everyone will appreciate it the way you and I will. NAH, it's pretty hilarious! Check it out and see if you could have kept it together like Joe. Me personally? I would have been DYING with laughter! Way to go Joe Rogan, and congrats in your win, Derrick!


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