We came across a sweet piece from Buzzfeed that is really ramping up the hype meter with "shocking" revelations about your favorite artists.

Well, some "shockers" you may already be aware of, and others aren't so "shocking", but here are some highlights:

Panic! At the Disco began as a Blink 182 cover band; David Bowie had a good reason for different colored eyes and a very interesting diet during the 70's; the Beatles couldn't read or write sheet music, but George Harrison's man music was put to the sheets when the "quiet Beatle" was defrocked and his band mates were in the room.

There are considerable notes about Queen in the piece, some widely known even before the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" came out, like the upper four extra teeth in Freddie Mercury's mouth and Brian May's PhD is astrophysics, but did you know Roger Taylor locked himself in a cabinet and would not come out until the band agreed to use his "I'm in Love With My Car" as a Night at the Opera B-side? And bass player John Deacon wrote a song about premature ejaculation as his first official composition contribution to the band.

Some artists in the piece might not be in your musical wheelhouse, but they do pique curiosity.

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