If you are expecting an endless array and parade of hot babes in Van Halen‘s ‘She’s the Woman’ video, given the title, then you’re going to be disappointed. No hot chicks here. Instead, the video is full of compiled footage of the band performing at a variety of live shows on their current world tour and from their intimate gig at Cafe Wha in New York City this past January. Yes, we were there.

There is also footage from the band’s rehearsals from the world tour. While it’s a composite video, it captures the band doing what it does best and that’s get on the stage and play till their fingers, arms and limbs practically fall off.

We must say that Diamond Dave remains quite limber, even at his age, twirling his mic stand and doing those leg kicks. While he’s no Chuck Norris with his signature roundhouse kicks, he still has the energy of men half his age. Dave’s dance moves certainly make the ‘She’s the Woman’ video that much more entertaining, despite the lack of ladies.

Watch Van Halen’s ‘She’s the Woman’ Video