You go and do something like this... AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!

I'm still pissed at over 120,000 veterans being delayed or denied care because people in the government were cooking the books. Staffers at VA hospitals were trying to make their wait times appear shorter than they were. The initial news back in April was shocking, then we found out it was worse than anyone thought!

So I'm glad to see the VA moving briskly to get a veterans nursing home built in Walla Walla soon!

This is a project Sen. Patty Murray has been pushing (hard) for years. It was almost approved, and then an "administrative error" pulled the rug out. But Acting Secretary of Veteran Affairs Sloan Gibson has now pledged $23 million to have a Veterans Affairs Medical Center campus built adjacent to Fort Walla Walla.

It's great Sen. Murray got this done, it's great aging veterans will have this facility and it's great that it will be right at Fort Walla Walla.

Hopefully this is not a case of too llittle, too late. It's great to talk about caring for veterans but let's see some action... and we might be close.