With the fall season now just one month away, the impending cooler weather will result in many Idahoans planning trips to witness the world's first national park transition into a chilly, colorful spectacle.

I recently came across a fantastic YouTube video uploaded from this past July that shows a rare, recorded interaction with an allusive Yellowstone National Park wolf. It's a stunning, visual reminder that the wildlife that roams the park are both beautiful, and curious.

Years ago, I had the opportunity to take a snowmobile trip through a large portion of the park. The afternoon was a life-changing experience, and an outing I highly recommend you try if you haven't. While we weren't lucky enough to see any wolves--or much wildlife at all aside from bison--the fact of the matter is that there are close to 10 different wolf packs roaming the land, which combined equal a high number of these incredibly alluring animals.

The July, 15, 2021 upload from the YouTube channel Wildlife Protection Solutions, shows a pair of wolves getting up close and personal with a park trail camera. The first animal that approaches the camera is a darker Grey Wolf, which gives it a sniff and a lick, and then moves on. The second grey, which enters into the picture at the three-minute mark, actually tries to devour the entire camera. We get a good look at the animal's dental situation, and for a wild beast, I think it would pass a check up with flying colors.

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