The videos I post below are so crazy that they almost don't seem real. Seattle was recently hit with a large storm freezing the entire city in ice. The roads were so slick that you could barely stand on them, so driving would be impossible. Some Seattle residents tried to brave the ice and it resulted in chaotic results all over the city.

credit Kaybergz@kay0kayla Twitter
credit Kaybergz@kay0kayla Twitter

Ice Storm 2022 Hits Seattle the Day Before Christmas Eve

First Seattle got a few inches of unusual snow and then was covered in a layer of freezing rain making travel impossible for the people of Seattle last Friday morning.

People Actually Skid to Their Cars on Their Bottoms

Some people were caught in the storm and had to commit to extreme measures to try and get to their cars. Some were more successful at it than others.

Ice Shoes Helped Carry Some People Down the Street

There were a few people lucky enough to have ice mountain climbing shoes, and a few other people lucky enough to know them. The video below shows two friends helping the third slide down the street after the storm.

Even Crawling Across the Road was Difficult

Some people that had to get across the street, did so any way they possibly could. This woman below was captured on her hands and knees trying to get across the street. It looks like she made it.

Any Car on the Road is Helpless on Even a Small Hill

The roads were so slick that any hill or slight grade at all caused chaos. Most cars in Seattle have all-weather tires, but even winter tires with studs would not help much with this ice. Cars were losing control on every hill in Seattle.

The Faster Cars Would Travel, The Worse it Got

Some drivers were caught off guard and were driving at normal speeds when they hit a hill. There was no chance for the driver below to stop and looks to even pick up speed once they start sliding.

Cars Were Piling Up Downtown Seattle

At the bottom of almost every hill, piles of crashed cars started to pile up. Citizens caught off guard trying to venture out ended up probably wanting a new car for Christmas sadly.

The Streets Are Thankfully Expected to Thaw Out Soon

The weather in Seattle should warm up quickly melting all that ice. Now all they have to do is clean up the mess.

Tri-Cities Neighborhood Roads Are So Slick That...

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