They had us at "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" in "A Warrior's Call" and the Big 9-7 was all in. Volbeat is back in 2019 and 97 Rock is very excited to feature their outstanding new effort as we've had a great run with these Danish hard rockers and we're so not done.

Previously, on 97 Rock:

Beyond Hell / Above Heaven (2010)

"A Warrior's Call"; "Fallen"; "Heaven nor Hell"; "Still Counting"

Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies (2013)

"Dead but Rising"; "The Hangman's Body Count"; "Lola Montez"; "Doc Holliday"

Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie (2016)

"The Devil's Bleeding Crown"; "Seal the Deal"; "Black Rose"

Volbeat has titled their latest album "Rewind, Replay and Rebound" in part because when it came time to do their new album, the band went back (rewind) to some of their earliest stuff to listen to again (replay) for inspiration remembering where they came from, what guided them in the beginning and where the music goes from here (rebound).


The first single is "Last Day Under the Sun", a tune inspired by Johnny Cash, currently in heavy rotation on 97 Rock, but that is just the beginning.

"Pelvis on Fire" is lead singer Michael Poulson's ode to Elvis, an unabashed fan for a long time, and this tune is just straight fun.

"Cheapside Sloggers" ft. Gary Holt is another must-crank.

The 14-track effort also features "Parasite" (check out a quick clip here)

"Leviathan" is another hard driving, fist pumping head banger and the LP's final song is called "7:24", but it's only 4:06 long?

More here.

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