Washington State Patrol Airplane is Busy Busting Fleeing Drivers

They used to let you go, but now police in Washington State can pursue fleeing vehicles again and they are using a valuable tool to make a statement.


Washington State Patrol Aviation

Up until a few weeks ago, police would not chase fleeing vehicles unless it was an extreme situation. Now things have changed and the Washington State Patrol is making a big statement by using its own set of airplanes to track down drivers that refuse to stop in the Seattle area. The Washington State Patrol is now using the Aviation Division with hopes to "create a deterrent for this illegal and unsafe behavior" according to a new press release hoping to stop most drivers from eluding.

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The Washington State Patrol shared a new press release and video showing details of two different cases from the evening of May 27, 2023, using the Aviation Division. Both vehicles tried to flee after police tried a traffic stop, and both were tracked down with the help of WSP Aviation. These cases show how the Washington State Patrol is using its Aviation Department to hold suspects accountable while keeping the public safe at the same time.

WSP Aviation Tracking Down Eluding Vehicles

Both of these incidents happened on May 27, 2023, near Seattle, Washinton.

Watch the entire released footage in the YouTube video below.

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