Even after the Washington State Patrol rammed his car off the road, the driver still wouldn't stop.

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Spokane Wrong Way Driver Forced Off the Road & Pepper Sprayed

Sometimes when police encounter a wrong-way driver, they might be drunk or confused but I think most are not going the wrong way on purpose. That is probably not the case in an encounter this morning in Spokane that Washington State Patrol troopers had this morning with a wrong-way driver. Multiple Washington State Patrol troopers had to engage the wrong-way vehicle traveling near the Port of Entry and traveling toward Argonne. After multiple attempts to stop the driver, a Washington State Patrol trooper used his patrol vehicle to initiate a maneuver that pushed the wrong-way driver onto a nearby median. After the wrong-way male driver's vehicle was pushed onto the median, the man continued to fight with the police. Police then deployed OC, also known as oleoresin capsicum and sometimes called pepper spray, and the man was taken into custody.

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