We see unbelievable things in our lives from time to time, this takes the cake, though!

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However, I've never seen anything quite like what Washington State Trooper John Bryant had to deal with on Monday! Apparently, people in Okanogan have been seeing a U-Haul with an SUV hanging out of the back for the past few days. People posted a photo on Reddit. Check out the "Idiots in Cars" post.

The packing strap was the only means of securing the vehicle from falling out.

WSP Trooper John Bryant
WSP Trooper John Bryant

It was finally time to do something about this troublesome cargo, so WSP Trooper Bryant pulled the driver over on Highway 97, in north-central Washington.

WSP Trooper John Bryant
WSP Trooper John Bryant

It turns out the driver was traveling without a valid license and the U-Haul was supposed to be turned in already. Needless to say, the driver was indeed cited for failing to secure a load. The fine is $139. And, both the U-Haul and SUV were impounded.

Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

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