They say one mans trash is another mans treasure!

Here is a bunch of wacky treasure that you can get for FREE right here in Tri-Cities!

Just click the "Blue" name of each item after the number to get the information.

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    Free Couch

    Need a couch? No questions, just go get it.

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    Medical Exam Table

    Not sure why you would need this but...

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    Free Hot Tub

    Unsure of age, but it has a leak somewhere. Pump was replaced last year, New jets installed last spring. Heater works, pump works, both speeds, light works.

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    Free Dropped Piano

    If you want it for whatever reason. . . Weigh down your rear wheel drive pickup next winter, wood for a project or fire, or parts for crafting??? Free for the taking Uhaul. Must take the whole thing!!!

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    Free Live Roosters

    If you need two Bantams roosters, your in luck!

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    Matching Retro Toilet & Sinks

    2 Cast iron American Standard blue sinks & 1 American Standard blue toilet

    Nuff said!

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    Fiberglass Sail Boat

    Fiberglass sail boat, needs to be patch on the bottom

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