Walla Walla Police Department's K-9 Watts and his partner were successful in detaining a wanted man with a backpack full of meth on Monday.

Just before noon, the officer and K-9 Watts were patrolling the area of Chase Avenue and Chestnut Street, when the officer spotted the suspect, 40-year old Clifford R. Sain III in a vehicle. As the officer attempted to stop the vehicle, Sain jumped out and took off on foot.

Sain ran to an apartment building nearby, where he dropped the backpack full of drugs. After obtaining a search warrant, K-9 Watts went to work alerting his handler that there indeed was an odor of drugs. Watts was correct. There was about an ounce of individually packaged methamphetamine ready for delivery.

hand holds packet with white narcotic - cocaine, meth or another drug closeup

Sain was taken into custody for the active warrants and for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

According to the Walla Walla Police Department website:

Watts is a springer spaniel that was born in Ireland and brought to the United States to be a service dog. Watts' breed is desirable for drug work, as he is small and can fit in small areas to help search for drug odor. K9 Watts' main job is to assist patrol and Street Crimes Unit in locating illegal drug odor and getting illegal drugs off the streets of our community. K9 Watts is the department's fifth narcotics detection dog, preceded by K9 Baron, K9 Beemer, K9 Rev, and K9 Pick. K9 Watts is trained to detect methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin.

Thank you, K-9 Watts and Walla Walla Police for your service!

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