One of Walla Walla's most beautiful homes is for sale.

You've probably seen dozens of wineries on Walla Walla streets and highways but haven't put much thought into the houses that sit on those properties. Since you can't just knock on someone's door and say, "give me a tour of your house," we'll have to settle for a virtual tour.

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This Walla Walla vineyard estate has all the bells and whistles.

One of the things you're going to notice about this house is that it has a lot of windows. Virtually every room has a window, even the master bathroom's shower. Save money on wood and insulation by investing it into glass. Some features of this nearly $3 million property include a fully-loaded guest house, two shops, various social hubs in the backyard, a hot tub with a view, and its aforementioned vineyard. There are so many cool factors, you may have to watch a video to see how it all fits together. The home sits on over 3 acres of land, which is gated. The house itself has seven bedrooms and is over 4,000 square feet. The crazy thing is that you're not even that far out of town. It's just a five-minute drive to get to downtown Walla Walla.

Wouldn't it be nice to be a multi-millionaire? Let's take a look inside.

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