An 83-year-old Walla Walla woman must have her driving ability scrutinized and may lose her license after hitting a man crossing the street... outside the crosswalk.

Joann Britain was driving on Rose Street in Walla Walla when after passing the intersection with Second Avenue a 76-year-old man stepped out into the road (he lived but is battered).

Police did not give her a citation, but will require her driving ability to be tested. Even though she will not face jail time or a ticket, they say it was her fault because she should have seen the man.

But Washington law clearly states a pedestrian is at fault if they step out into oncoming traffic or cross the street without using the crosswalk when it is available.

Readers of the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin picked up on this and expressed frustration Britain is in trouble at all. What do YOU think?

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