Yesterday, eagle-eyed Marvel fans pointed out that WandaVision's post-credits scene has been re-edited by Marvel. The changes made to Episode 9 of the Disney+ series are incredibly subtle, but still noticeable enough to warrant discussion.

Viewers noticed that the trees surrounding Wanda Maximoff's remote cabin appear more lush, and there's a mysterious shadow passing over the landscape.

Twitter user Cosmic Marvel suggested that the silhouette could be Doctor Strange, who is using his Cloak of Levitation to approach Wanda in her hiding spot. It was also pointed out that Michael Giacchino's name has been added to the credits for the Doctor Strange theme. It would theoretically make sense, since WandaVision��directly ties into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Other fans even guessed that the figure could potentially be White Vision. Check it out for yourself below:

But as it turns out, it's highly unlikely that any of this speculation is true. TikTok user curtskelton analyzed the slightly tweaked stinger and concluded that the shadow was nothing more than an editing mistake:

Once we're inside Wanda's cabin, there's a sliver of light that shines through a window. In the new post-credits scene, the light is gone. That means the editors went in and masked the light with a darker panel. But as the video explains, someone forgot to remove the panel from the frames before it. That panel tracks exactly in line with the "shadowy figure," disproving the hypothesis that it's nothing more than a minor oversight on the editors' part.

It's amazing how even the most subtle of changes in a Marvel scene can spark the imaginations of devoted fans. While there's no new revelation this time around, it just reminds us to keep a sharp eye out for Marvel's cleverly placed clues.

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