Spring weather is finally here in the Tri-Cities and Columbia Basin and guess who's awake and lurking...RATTLESNAKES!

Rattlesnake Area

Last Spring my Husband and I visited Palouse Falls and I had a close encounter with a Rattlesnake...It was THE scariest thing to happen to me EVER... The snake was coiled up on the side of a hill and the rattles were so loud a sound I will never forget!

Experts say to watch for the poisonous creatures when out hiking and exploring in and around the Tri-Cities especially rocky areas such as Badger Mountain. Wildlife experts also say dog are a big risk due to their curious noses and is best to keep them leashed. Tri-Cities see's some 10-20 rattlesnake bites yearly to dogs. Anti-Venom is available but cost's around $500 bucks per dose!


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