It happened to a West Richland man recently and he captured the explosion on video. Randy Mechell simply wanted to grill some burgers for dinner when the unimaginable happened...His Traeger Grill Blew up!!!


According to a story from KEPR here's what happened....

Mechell said he fired up his grill to cook some hamburgers and noticed it had gone out.

“So I opened up this hopper lid here with the pellets,” he motioned to the grill. “And it had burrowed a hole down through the center, so it starved it of fuel.”

Mechell said he pushed the pellets back into the hole and turned the grill to “smoke” mode.

But the grill started smoking more than usual.

“I took a step back, like ‘what's going on?’ Pulled out my phone, because it was really weird, and as soon as I pulled out my phone, it just completely exploded,” he said.

Incidentally Reps from Traeger say it was operator error!

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