When I've talked to my friends that have moved away, I always ask "why?" The most frequent answer I get is, "there wasn't anything to do. I got bored." 

Maybe they should check this out. In a recent survey from WalletHub, Washington was ranked the fourth most fun state in America. California and Florida were 1 & 2, but they have Disneyland and Disneyworld. So considering that, Washington's ranking is even more impressive!

Washington has the fifth most movie theaters per capita. We were also ranked 13th out of 50 for nightlife. If you're a riverboat gambler, Washington's #9 ranking in casinos should be fun. If you're a foodie, the Evergreen state ranks 11th in restaurants. Silverwood certainly gives a boost to Washington's 20th ranking in amusement parks.

Washington had 4 cities in WalletHub's most fun cities survey. Seattle (16), Spokane (77), Tacoma (110), and Vancouver (164).

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