Washington State: Where Exactly Are the Worst Homeless Problems Located?

Everyone knows Washington State has a big homeless problem, but how big exactly, and where is it the worst?


Washington State Counties with the Worst Homeless Problems

In a recent study by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, they found that a one-night point-in-time count in October of 2022 found a total of 25,452 people experiencing homelessness in Washington. Only 3 other US States (New York, California, and Florida) had larger overall total homeless numbers. The Seatle area also was the 3rd worst urban area in the US for total homeless numbers, only beaten by Los Angeles and New York in 2022.

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250 Washington State Homeless Died in 2022

All of those numbers translated to the largest amount of people dying in King County because of homelessness. In 2022 more than 250 people died from hypothermia in King County because they had no place to live, a King County record. The total amount of homeless in Washington State has grown just over 10% since 2020 and the State is racing to find a solution. Washington State Governor Jay Inslee says the reason for the increase is the unavailability of affordable housing and wants voters to approve $4 billion to try and solve the problem. If that kind of money is being spent, wouldn't most of it go where the homeless problem is the worst? Where exactly are the worst Counties in Washington State with homeless problems?

12 Washington Counties with the Worst Homeless Problems

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