How much do you think the ticket cost this Washington State driver last week?

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Washington State Patrol Writes Big Ticket to Uninsured Speeder

The Washington State Patrol found another speeder with extra emphasis patrols in District One which have been happening since last week. The Washington State Patrol is working with police de[departments from Lakewood, Puyallup, and the Pierce County Sheriff's Office to reduce crime on both city roads and the highways. The Washington State Patrol announced the cooperation last week saying, "Extra patrols are out for the next few days from @wastatepatrol, @TacomaPD, @LakewoodPD, @PuyallupPD, and @PierceSheriff with the goal of #TargetZero and reducing crime in the Lakewood/Tacoma area!" The Washington State Patrol has been giving updates on the extra patrols, the latest being an uninsured speeder who received a huge ticket.


Washington State Speeder Clocked 100+ with No Insurance

Washington State Patrol Trooper Dattilo posted on social media the story from another Trooper who had clocked a vehicle traveling on I-5 near Bridgeport at 104 miles per hour. After the Trooper successfully stopped the speeding silver sedan and found the driver did not have any insurance either. Ever wonder exactly how much a 100+ mile per hour speeding ticket would cost you in Washington State? According to Washington

Speeding (RCW 46.61.400) if speed limit is over 40 m.p.h.
1-5 m.p.h. over limit $33
6-10 m.p.h. over limit $43
11-15 m.p.h. over limit $58
16-20 m.p.h. over limit $73
21-25 m.p.h. over limit $88
26-30 m.p.h. over limit $108
31-35 m.p.h. over limit $133
36-40 m.p.h. over limit $158
Over 40 m.p.h. over limit $188
Speeding if speed limit is 40 m.p.h. or less
1-5 m.p.h. over limit $43
6-10 m.p.h. over limit $48
11-15 m.p.h. over limit $63
16-20 m.p.h. over limit $83
21-25 m.p.h. over limit $108
26-30 m.p.h. over limit $133
31-35 m.p.h. over limit $158
Over 35 m.p.h. over limit $188


Negligent Driving in Washington State

With absolute speed law, the amount you are fined depends on how many miles per hour you were speeding over the limit, but you could also be charged with negligent or reckless driving. Police can add Negligent Driving in the Second Degree if the officer finds you were "both negligent and endangers or is likely to endanger any person or property." Second Degree Negligent Driving (RCW 46.61.525) is a $250 fine. Charges of Negligent driving in the First Degree can be added if you're guilty of the Second Degree description while under the influence of drugs or alcohol under RCW 46.61.5249. Besides regular fines, other costs could add up to big money. If someone is officially charged in court or decides to pay the fine, it is officially on their driving record. That will most likely make your insurance costs spike or could eventually cause you to lose your license with multiple infractions. If someone was injured, there would be a whole new set of costs from medical bills, lawsuits, or other charges from Washington State. In this story, Washington State Trooper John Dattilo said the total fine for the uninsured speeder was $991, but I am sure with impounding, court costs, legal fees, and insurance increases, it will cost much more than $991.

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