Would you believe that 70° or above high temperatures is really only a few days away?

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Spring Temperatures Heat Up Washington State Next Week

If you have been waiting and praying for springtime weather it must be working because temperatures near or above 70° is right around the corner according to the latest weather forecast models. After months of freezing temperatures and winter conditions, the warmth is finally starting to peak through this weekend. There are a few exceptions in the region including the Cascade Mountains, and areas west of the mountains including Seattle and Olympia. Those areas will still be sunny and warmer but just not as warm as the middle and eastern parts of Washington.

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X @NWSPendleton

Monday Through Wednesday Bring the Warmest Days So Far in 2024

If you love sunny skies and sunshine with temperatures around 70°, then you are in luck. Expect high afternoon temperatures at or above 70° from the Cascade Mountain range all the way across Washington until the Rocky Mountains on the edge of Spokane. Some parts may even experience highs between 80 and 90° according to a new National Weather Service forecast prediction map. It illustrates exactly how widespread the warmth will be. It is not all "warm & good news" when it comes to the forecast next week. The warm temperatures will be matched with no cloud cover and sunny skies through Wednesday, leading to chilly morning temperatures near the mid to upper 40°s. The National Weather Service also warns people to be careful around lakes, creeks, and rivers. Even with the high temperatures and sunshine, local waterways will still be close to freezing and dangerous to swim in for even short periods.

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