To me Mercer Island means family, but the rest of Washington State has some interesting views and stereotypes on this exclusive area just outside of Seattle.

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Washington Reveals Stereotypes Associated with Mercer Island

Like I said in my opening statement, the name Mercer Island to me means family. I was born and raised in the Spokane area in a moderately poor single-parent family. In my early years, we lived in a trailer out off Barker Road in the Spokane Valley before moving more toward Pines if you're familiar. My Dad was a rural mail carrier and we never had much money. I went to WSU and in my sophomore year answered a roommate ad in the paper and met a guy I am still great friends with today named Bobby. He was from Mercer  Island and came from a basketball family. By a basketball family, I mean Bobby's Dad and his Dad's cousin both played in the NBA and were famous in Seattle. You might have heard of NBA legend Bill Russell who won 11 NBA world championships with the Boston Celtics. Bill was the cousin of Bobby's father and I was lucky to have met him a few times before he died recently. I will say that Bobby, his entire family, and even their entire neighborhood have always made me feel welcome and a part of their family over the last 30 years of visits. I consider him a brother and is known as "Uncle Bobby" to my kids and most of the people who know us both.


Mercer Island: What Washington Thinks

Growing up on the eastern side of the state, I had no idea about the sections and separate cities that make up the Seattle area. Mercer Island was just the name of a place to me. I could tell it was a "richer" part of Seattle but I really was not aware of the stereotypes that people had of the island. I have had nothing but great things to say about the people and businesses I have interacted with over the last 25+ years of our friendship. Recently, I noticed a conversation online asking, "What comes to mind and/or what do associate with Mercer Island?" The responses I found interesting but mostly not accurate to my own experience as a visitor multiple times a year for the last few decades. Maybe they just drive through and haven't spent any real time there. To me, it is obvious which comments were from people that have.

Washington Reveals Their Stereotypes of Mercer Island

You can read the entire conversation by clicking here.

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