Did you hear that Washington State is supposedly the best and most attractive state for job seekers in 2024?

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Washington  Named Best in USA for Current Job Seekers

Reading the details of this study/award, I was not surprised knowing that most businesses where I live are hiring at least for some positions. Even the company I work for (Townsquare Meda) is hiring in my market and also in many more. It is difficult to find qualified employees these days but luckily for businesses in Washington State, things are easier than almost anywhere else in the country. Wallethub just named Washington State as the most attractive for current job seekers from the entire United States.


Job Market and Economic Environment in Washington State

The study looked at two main categories: the Job Market and the Economic Environment under 34 different metrics graded on a 100-point scale with a score of 100 representing the most favorable conditions for job seekers. Looking at Washington, the State ranked 8th for the job market but was ranked 1st for its economic environment. Washington State also ranked very high in worker protections like protections against harassment, equal pay, and benefits like sick leave. Washington State ranked very high for average salary with less than 4.2% of employed workers living below the poverty line. Washington was found to have one of the highest average monthly starting salaries at $4,332 per month. One other large factor is that Washington State does not charge a State income tax on its residents. You can read the entire data set from the study at Wallet Hub.com.

World-Famous Companies That Started in Washington

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