Pretty much every day I see people driving or riding in their cars like this and wonder if they know how dangerous it is.

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Risky Ways to Drive or Ride in Your Vehicle

People have strange habits when they drive or ride in their vehicles, but some of those habits can get you severely injured or even killed. Everyone knows that driving and riding in vehicles on Washington's roads comes with certain minimal risks but doing one of these 9 things can multiply that risk greatly. I was inspired to write about this after seeing a lot of strange things while driving this week both in person and online.


Do You Do One of These 9 Things While Riding in Your Vehicle?

Whether you are driving in town just down the block or hours away on a long road trip, driving or riding while doing one of these things can be very dangerous or even deadly. Some of these dangerous habits are seen much more often when it is hot outside but most are practiced year around. If you do one of these things while YOU ride in a vehicle, you might want to reconsider your habit.

9 Risky & Dangerous Ways to Ride or Drive Your Car

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