There are facts about Washington that you probably forgot.

You know the general history of Washington. It's one of the last states to have been admitted to the union. It's the only state named after a United States president and is one of the leading states in terms of agriculture. The Cascade Mountains create a divide of climate and culture between eastern and western Washington that makes it feel like two different states. The Columbia River has a rich history of trade and fishing while Seattle has become an industrial icon with Microsoft, Boeing, and Amazon all being founded and headquartered there.

You'll be mad at yourself for not knowing these.

I moved to Washington in 2003. During my freshman year of high school, I took Washington State History like everyone else who went to school in Washington. Our mountain ranges and rivers were forged by the great flood after the ice age. Washington was born out of the Louisiana Purchase and Manifest Destiny, but it took even longer than that sounds.

So, were you paying attention in class?

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