Do you know when you have to stop for a school bus & when you don't?

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Washington State: When You Have to Stop for a School Bus

Now that school is back in session, there seems to be some confusion on the road about when you stop for a school bus and when you don't. Over the last week, I have witnessed multiple cars that seem to be confused about the law. Every time you see a school bus you should be thinking "caution" in your head and be alert for crossing kids, but you do not ALWAYS have to stop. There are only 4 different situations that you need to remember when encountering a bus stopped on the side of the road with its lights on. Let's go over the details one by one so you don't find yourself with a $500 ticket.

Washington State School Bus Law: Stop or Go

Okay, let's quickly review what we just learned. The only time when all traffic needs to stop is when a school bus is unloading on a 2-lane road. In all other cases, only the traffic moving in the same direction as the bus, or traffic in the median/turn lane next to that lane has to stop. Remember the only time traffic moving in the opposite direction from an unloading school bus HAS TO STOP is on a 2-lane road. If you need more details, you can learn more on the official Washington State Law website.

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