Everyone knows there's positive benefits associated with giving yourself a wee bit of "me time," and boy do Washingtonians knock it out of the park when given the opportunity.

Even just a moment or two of happiness can boost the mood.

According to a national survey done by the mobile gaming experts at Fort Mason Games, a whopping 99% of Americans say it is important to treat yourself regularly.

It positively affects well being and mental health, helps reduce stress levels and helps stave off burnout.

Roughly 93% of folks here in Washington actually follow that advice. Colorado is next at 91% and Maryland is third at 90%.

The most popular ways to treat yourself according to the survey responses were shopping, fine dining, TV and books.

It’s no secret that we all enjoy treating ourselves in different ways, with 69% of Americans saying they see it as a time to be alone and 31% saying they see it as something to do with others. 39% of Americans say they treat themselves by buying something they want but don’t necessarily need.

Despite the positive effects of treating yourself, few do it regularly. In fact, 48% of Americans feel guilty about doing it and 79% say that their finances tend to hold them back from treating themselves as much as they would like to. With an overwhelming majority of people saying they spend less than $50 when they treat themselves (71%), it’s a mystery why so many of us don’t do it more regularly and often feel guilty about it when we do.

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