Hard to breathe? Try these 8 easy ways to keep smoke from inside your home.

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Washington State is Choking on Wildfire Smoke

It is hard right now almost anywhere in Washington State to get a breath of fresh air. There are large parts of the state that have the worst possible air quality in the world, including the area I live in now. Over the last few years, the northwest has gone from having 4 seasons a year to now 5 with the addition of the 'smoke' season. Every year now for around 2 months, we are forced to learn to deal with this new reality or choke trying. I specifically woke up in the middle of the night a few years ago strongly smelling smoke in my home, turning on the lights, and it looked like a fog machine had been running. The next 24 hours we learned a few things about how to eliminate smoke from your home and keep it out.

Tips on Clearing & Keeping Wildfire Smoke from Your Home

There are some really important things you can do immediately to minimize the amount of smoke that you are breathing in your home. If you have central air conditioning, it will clean your air as long as the AC is on. If the fan for your system is running all the time, it is blowing smokey air into your home when the AC is not on. Some simple other things experts recommend to do to avoid the smoke are very simple things like just keeping out of the outside elements. Suspend chores or work that needs to be done outside until the smoke clears, especially if you are health compromised. Sometimes just staying inside doesn't work and you need sound tactics on how to clear and keep the smoke outside your home.

8 Ways to Clear & Keep Wildfire Smoke from Your Home

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