51-year-old Donna Lange of Everett, Washington, is being accused of manslaughter after she smothered her boyfriend with her breasts.  According to KIRO 7, witnesses said they saw Lange throw her boyfriend down in the back of mobile home.  The witnesses also claim to have heard the victim telling Lange to get off of him. The deputies on the scene said that "Lange was later found on top of the victim, with her chest in his face."

If we learn anything from this tragedy, it's that motorboating is very serious business and shouldn't be taken lightly.

See what Free Beer and Hot Wings have to say about this mammary manslaughter charge below.

This is one of those couples you see, like when you go to the county fair... And you see that couple.  You know the guy that does a lot of meth, he's about 5'9" and 100 pounds, really skin with sores on his face.  And the babe he is with, is not really a babe.  She's massive, she's huge. - Zane