This is the tool I use to predict when the first snow could hit each year no matter where you live in Washington State.

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Predicting When the First Snowfall Will Hit Washington State

No matter where you live in Washington State, you might be worrying now about exactly when the first snowfall could hit us. Tires need to be exchanged, sprinklers need to be blown out, and all the other things that come with preparing for the start of winter. In order to prepare, it helps to get a good idea of when snow is coming long before the regular 2-week weather forecast. After living in Washington State my entire life and having lived in 4 different geographic regions, I am going to share with you the tools I have learned to predict each year when snow is most likely first hit.


Washington State History Tells the Tale

You might not know that weather data from thousands of NOAA weather stations is public and available on their website. One of the features of data you can look up is the earliest measurable snowfall date for each individual location. By looking at the data, you can tell the exact date for any location and instantly see when snow becomes more likely. Another section of weather data that is really important to look at is the snowiest month data, or telling which month in an area historically has the most snow. Below I have used all of this data to put together predictions for when to expect snow in all the different areas of Washington State for 2023-2024.

2023-2024 First Snow Predictions for Washington State

If you want to check the data for yourself, the weather station snowfall data is located here, and the highest snowfall in a month records are located here.

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