If you're looking to truly get away from it all, without having to go too far from home in Washington State, there's one place that offers year-round solitude and so much more.

A breathtaking destination that will relieve your stresses and fill up your senses, Stehekin does it all. If you've never heard of this rustic getaway that's nestled in the North Cascades along the shores of Lake Chelan, read on.

Stehekin is 44 Miles Uplake from Chelan, Washington

Lake Chelan is a glacier-fed lake in North Central Washington. It's said to be bottomless, and while its depths may be unknown, its natural beauty is world-famous. Lake Chelan is about 55 miles long, and Stehekin is roughly 44 miles up-lake. It's a four-hour boat cruise from the city of Chelan if you're on board the 'Lady of the Lake'.

via Google Maps
via Google Maps

Stehekin Cannot be Reached by Car, Truck, or Anything That Require Roads

The only way to get to Stehekin is on foot, in the air, or on the water. This means you'll need a boat (or have to be an amazing swimmer), have access to a floatplane, or hike and/or hoof it. This, of course, not only makes it less convenient to go but far more enjoyable once you arrive. The unincorporated community has around 75 residents, so even during peak seasons, you'll find all of the quiet solitude and elbow room you'll need to enjoy the great outdoors and relax.

Stehekin Offers Lodging, Camping, Fishing, Kayaking, Cycling, Eating, Recreating

While on-season opportunities abound, don't forget about Stehekin during the off-season. Though some amenities are not available, many visitors prefer to visit in the fall and winter for even more 'off the grid' enjoyment.

Hidden Gem: Stehekin in Autumn


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