With the discovery of a 17-inch fossil in the San Juan Islands in 2012, and the desire of a class of Tacoma-area fourth-graders, Washington may soon have an official state dinosaur if House Bill 2155 passes, co-sponsored by 31 Democratic and Republican lawmakers. And the name is Suciasaurus rex.

This is the only dinosaur fossil ever discovered in the state, found in Sucia Island State Park by paleontologists from the Burke Museum.


And a class of fourth-graders at Parkland Elementary School, near Tacoma, successfully began a petition to get the state to classify the contents of the discovery as the official dinosaur of Washington. It looks like that will come to fruition.


If S-rex becomes the state dinosaur -- and it's likely as it's the only one in the running -- it will become Washington's 22nd symbol.  Apples are the state fruit, orcas the state marine mammal and the Walla Walla sweet onion is the state vegetable. There’s a state fossil (Columbian Mammoth), waterfall (Palouse Falls) and fish (steelhead trout).

The Burke Museum

If it happens, Washington would become the 12th state with an official dinosaur.