The Spokane police have a very smelly situation on their hands.

Porch pirates are now poop pirates. What a little stinker.

How did we get here?

The Ring doorbell camera footage captures a man who the homeowner says defecated on her porch Monday evening around 7:45 p.m.

The victim from this "porch-pooping" said she was shocked when she found this "huge pile of waste" on her front porch Tuesday morning.

The woman had assumed it was from a large dog, (wouldn't you?) but then checked her fancy doorstep system and shockingly found footage of a stranger relieving himself right by her front door.

The woman says she has no enemies, has had no other odd experiences and has no clue why he targeted her porch to lay some cable. And no wiping? Ewwww. Throw in the high visibility jacket and this really does reach the level of, as one individual posted, "I just really don't care."

The homeowner says for future reference, “There is a gas station right down the street. Next time, go there.”

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