When I found out Ann Wilson was going to be singing the NFC Championship, I thought it was a great choice knowing she's from Washington (Seattle and Bellevue). She's an amazing singer, without a doubt -- a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-caliber artist. She LIT UP the stadium and did an amazing job.

On a personal note, I was excited because I've met Ann and Nancy Wilson. They're related to a farmer I knew outside of Spokane. He used to maintain their summer home. I was 13-14 when I met them and didn't really know who they were. Nancy was just some hot MILF hanging out with my parents' friends. I didn't know she was famous, I could just tell she wasn't from Davenport. She had that "big city" feel to her. It was a cool thing for me.

Knowing how hard it is to sing in the cold, and in a stadium, she ROCKED IT and the crowd ate it up.