Def Leppard and Journey play the Gorge at George in less than 3 weeks, on September 29th.

Currently the co-headlining tour is in Texas and during a Houston stop, Phil Collen of Def Leppard was taking in the sights of the city when he came upon a younger female TV reporter doing the well known "local-man-on-the-street" schtick.

She asked him what he was doing in town, he replied he was in a rock band and had a gig later on.

She asked him if she would have heard of his band.

Uh, Def Leppard?!?

Here's more than just a "Photograph" to school those needing additional "Rock of Ages" understanding.

The setlist from that night included 16 total songs and a David Essex cover, "Rock On". Lead singer Joe Elliot has said he wants that song played at his funeral!

Joe actually has music at his own wake meticulously planned out. Neat freak.

If you're thinking 16 songs is not all that many, remember it's a co-headlining tour with Journey, so on a different night, they might play many more numbers. They certainly have the catalog to go "On Through the Night" with plenty of "Pyromania" bordering on "Hysteria" never leaving the fans "High 'n' Dry".

We're done here.

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