Every year the NFL Network does a retrospective of the previous season's Super Bowl champion. The 2014 version features Coach Carroll, Richard Sherman and more narrated by Washington-native Jim Caviezel. It is a must-watch for Seahawks fans.

It begins with the 2012 playoff loss in Atlanta when everybody thought that was the year they were going to win the Super Bowl. As Russell Wilson was walking off the tunnel, he thinks, "We're really good and we're going to win the Super Bowl next year." Pete Carroll says he was thinking the same thing. "We're right there. We're going to win this thing."

I keep thinking back to a moment when Terry Bradshaw was interviewing Russell Wilson. During a break, Wilson takes the opportunity to interview Bradshaw. He picked his brain about winning multiple Super Bowls. What gave him the edge? What made them great? What was he channeling? It shows how Wilson is always working, always thinking. The Seahawks are so lucky to have him. All he does is win.

It also covers all the major highlights from last season including Richard Sherman's post-game rant to Erin Andrews about Crabtree. What was Sherman's response to the media frenzy? "Pebbles on a mountain."

Wow, it was a great season and this year is going to be just as good!



Seahawks lucky to have him. All he does is win.