Remember that Tiger Woods commercial years ago where he bounced the ball on a club before hitting it a few hundred yards? Well this video of Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane almost makes that look like childs play.

Bauer recently asked the former CHL rookie of the year to showcase his stick-handling ability in their upcoming commercial. The popular hockey equipment brand wanted Kane to skate in and around a growing circle of pucks all while handling one puck. The results are almost too incredible to believe.

Kane told ESPN:

When they had the idea and told me how many pucks were going to be in the circle, I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do it’. But I tried it with a few and said, ‘Why not throw all of them in there and see if I can do it? If not, we’ll stop it.

But, yeah, it was cool. It was fun. To see the final product, it was awesome.

Apart from the ending with the camera breaking, Kane says that the entire film is 100% genuine. Still, it wasn't all done in one take. According to Kane

It probably took 15-20 minutes to do the whole thing. I remember there were times I was going through and stick-handling and hit a puck and it was 20-30 seconds in, and I would be [upset] because I hit the puck and would have to start over.

It was fun. It was fun to do something like that.