Captain Mike Cobb of the Richland Police Department gave his official radio sign off after serving the Columbia Basin community for over 38 years.

After getting in touch with dispatch, the lady on the other end of the radio began to acknowledge a list off the accomplishments and areas of service Capt. Cobb has given to the community over the past nearly four decades.

Watch the approximately 2:00 minute video below in front of colleagues, staff, family and friends gathered when Capt. Mike Cobb was calling out of service for the last time:

From dispatch:

"Captain Mike Cobb you have served the citizens of southeast Washington for 38 years as a highly decorated police officer, K-9 handler, supervisor and leader. 32 years spent with the Tri-Cities regional SWAT team and the president of the Washington State Tactical Officers have responded to countless disasters, officer involved shootings and line of duty have taught thousands of responders to take care of those who care for our community. You have been a warrior, a mentor, counselor, instructor and friend."

Also recognized were the contributions and sacrifices made by the family of Capt. Cobb.

Cobb was thanked for his years of service to the law enforcement profession and his commitment to the safety of the Richland community, and our nation.

"You have worn the uniform with honor and integrity. You will be missed, have a wonderful retirement."

Cobb responded, "For all those who have served, who are serving and who will serve the thin blue line, you always have a place of refuge and safety...I'll be able to serve...24/7."

Thank you for your service.

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