In 2014 numerous parents reported finding metallic objects intentionally inserted into candy. Not all have been confirmed real. Fact-checking site says poisoned candy is a myth, but foreign objects hidden in Halloween candy is something that happens but "few and far between." Is 2014 changing that trend, or are these parents lying?

The closest was in Spokane, where a mother says a carpentry nail was inserted into a chocolate bar and several heavy-duty staples were stuck into fun-sized candy, gum and Tootsie Rolls.

A Maine man found a sewing needle in a fun-sized Snickers bar.

Several news outlets reported on the family north of Oakland, California, that found a tiny bag of meth in their child's load (believed to have been dropped accidentally).

An family near Atlantic City, New Jersey, says a razor blade was stuffed inside a Tootsie Roll.

A family in North Carolina says a razor blade was found inside a Twix bar.

A woman near Buffalo, New York, says she found a shard of glass attached to her child's Tootsie Pop.

An Ohio woman says small boxes of Milk Duds from her child's preschool each contained three .22 caliber handgun bullets.

[SOURCE: FoodBeast]