Do you remember any of these crazy weather records that are held here in Washington State?

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Extreme Weather Records in Washington State

If there is one constant about living in Washington State, it is that the weather can change drastically at any time. It is a place where it could be sunny, nice, and warm one day but then suddenly change to a snowstorm within an hour. You could have heavy rain or hail one minute and then sunny skies the next. Washington State also has a large variety of topography making the climate of large sections vastly different from each other. The east and west sides of the state are much cooler near the mountains with the center resembling weather more like a dessert. That variation makes for some interesting weather records throughout the history of Washington State.


Weather Records in Washington State History

Some of the Washington State weather records that have been recorded in the past illustrate just how drastically different parts of the State can be. Some parts of our state have received over 1,000" of snow in a single year while other parts barely received less than 3" of rain in total per year. These next 12 extreme Washington State weather records show exactly how drastically different but dangerous our wonderful state can be.

12 Washington State Extreme Weather Records

You can read more about Washington State's extreme weather records at Climate

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